Extra! Extra! Weekend Photos

We were pretty busy this past weekend, it was a long one for us since I had Friday off from work to take the kids to their doctor appointments.  Her 18-month checkup and his pediatric gastrointestinal appointment.
photo (4)

photo (5)



photo (7)

This view was too beautiful not to pull over and snap a picture of as I was lost in Lincoln looking for a Dunks.  Which I never found.  Friday was rough without that coffee!

photo (8)

More on the paint samples to come!

Very first time at gymnastics, took her a good thirty minutes to warm up and once she did she was off getting wild with the older kids at open gym.  We loved watching her explore!
photo (10)

photo (9)

Our good friend is being deployed, so we went to his going away party where he totally popped the question to my best friend – CONGRATS!

photo (14)

“A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.” – Bob Dylan

photo (15)

Game day breakfast consisted of French toast on Scali bread with blue berries and banana.  She hasn’t had banana in about 6-months, she used to love them so I figured hey shes on Miralax every day now so why not let her indulge.  She didn’t like it one bit!  I was shocked.

photo (13)photo (12)

He had the right idea for the game –  snoozed it away, while Daddy suffered through it.photo (11)