Here Nor There

Have you ever just sat and watched the second hand on a clock?  I mean really sat there and just watched it go tic-toc tic-toc for an entire minute.  I tired it; it takes forever!  So if the second hand takes what seems like an infinite amount of time why do the days, week and months zip on by?!  if you know the answer to the ever puzzling question please leave it in the comments so I can reference it 10 years from now when I eventually get about to reading it.

My two year old will be going to nursery school in a few short weeks and my ten month old is climbing objects like a baboon!!  Just the other day I could have sworn Téa was only six months old, and then all of a sudden there was another baby coming.  Blink.  Cameron was here, then he was six months old.  Blink.  Time goes by so darn quickly.  Soak it in.  Appreciate the moments.  Love the little things.  Make memories.  We don’t get these days back.

So anyways, I haven’t been here nor there.  Just living, day by day. The kids are getting so big so fast it is quite crazy.  Owning a home is such an adventure, I am in love with but gosh all my ideas can be costly!  One project at a time I have to keep reminding myself.  So what project would that be?  Well I would like to cast our hand in stone to signify our first year at our home.  Our very first home.  Lets hope this project is one we can accomplish by summers end.  

So far this summer we have enjoyed fire works, plenty of BBQs, swimming, the lake, pool & ocean.  Pony riding, ice cream, hot air balloons & playing in the warm wet sand on the beach.  Plenty of freeze pops, scraped knees & painted piggy toes.  And so much more!