What I’ve been up to

Well we were busy packing up our two bedroom apartment, and moving into our four bedroom house!  It has been quite an adventure and we are not 100% settled yet but we are just about there.  

We officially became residents of a new state over Presidents day weekend.  The babies are loving the house, I have been cleaning and unpacking endlessly since then.  So far I can say that our kitchen is 100% minus the refrigerator that we need to take to the dump or donate or someone needs to buy off of us.  The kids rooms are the least cluttered but the closet rods still aren’t installed so they still have clothes in trash bags.  Our bedroom is a collect-all for whatever we don’t want in the main living space.  The parlor is filled with toys but that will all change this weekend when we get the toys into the play room and hopefully we relocate the couch to the family room downstairs and sit by the fire place with a hard drink and my Hubby to catch up with some TV after the kids go to bed. 

 Little Dude has been battling a cough since early February, we just got some medication so let’s hop by this time next week his coughing is a thing of the past and we don’t need to revisit the doctors office.  The Moose baby is getting into everything, and being such a fresh toddler – I just love it.  Her latest obsession is wearing gloves, ahh Elsa from Frozen perhaps the influence?  Shes got her gloves on all day long, on and off, different pairs.  She has also been signing a lot lately like straight up performing – hand movements, head and eye gestures – while bellowing a song, ahh also Frozen I think?  Not like she speaks straight up English yet.  Little Dude found the piggies!!  He hasn’t quite figured out he can chew on them like he does everything else he gets his hands on but he sure loves to grab them.  Rolling over and I swear he could sit up if he just gave it a try.  Sweetest thing I’ve witnessed so far this month?  Téa reading to Cameron.  Legit, heart. melting.  Watching my kids interact with one another is beyond a blessing there are hardly ever any words.  I just smile and feel so filled with love for these two little humans.

Funniest thing shes done recently and possibly the grossest?  Came home last Friday  to her eating a bowl of blueberries, strawberries, whipped cream and ketchup.  Oh-my-gross!!!

 Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter are upon us!  I am planning some fun and exciting Spring things in the coming weeks.   Cannot wait to share them here.

 I plan to be back at this now that we are 100% moved in and such.  The unpacking can wait, I’ve got babies to watch grow, learn and develop! 


God Bless.