Saturday Nights

Jeans, a hot shirt & chucks.  Saturday night attire.  Loud music, best friends & a beer in hand.  Saturday night atmosphere.


That was then

 I don’t miss those nights, I don’t think about why it would be like to ditch the kids for a  night and pretend.  I don’t long for a night out where I can have a splitting head ache from the pounding music, stink like booze and butts wake up with dry mouth and the stench of stale cigarets laying next to me.

Tonight I sat on my living room floor, with a quilt laid out like all cozy, all the pillows  (all four of them) , a bowl of Jaxx  and a sippy cup.  Loaded Rapunzle on the AppleTV and kicked back with my two favorite Saturday night buddies.  Just me and the babies, they didn’t even last until 7pm but that hour with them before bed was the best hour I’ve had all day long.  Not only was it amazing to watch Téa try to feed Cam Jaxx, and talk to him, and kiss him but I got to watch my two babies engage in a night of fun right here at home with their Mommy.  I had a smile from ear to ear.  Cam had a bubba and down he went, Moose was up next.  By 7:17 I was sitting there… alone… but I had the best night.  The very best night.

Movie Night with Mommy

Movie Night with Mommy

How did you spend your Saturday night?