Project Sane: Beta Phase

7:34am rise and shine my son calls from across the hall. “Akee akee Mommy” my daughter says as she lifts my eye lids. “Baby” as she points to the door. Yes, I know baby brother is up let’s go get him.
That is a usual morning here on the Lane. Gosh do I enjoy it ever so. By 9am we are ready for morning nap, our third cup of coffee and some crafting while Mommy cleans up. Or in todays case, tries her hand at her every failing blog.

By noon lunch is on the table & we are all ready for the day.

The days are long and full of love. Some moments are more trying than others, and some days I am lucky to even wash my face. But not in one million years would I trade this for anything. While this isn’t permanent it sure if lovely.

Yesterday I tried my wifely hand at some crock pot beans. While I haven’t a clue what I was doing my husband ate it right up and even took some for lunch today! I would call that true love as I didn’t even eat my dish it was so bland. I think I will stick to chicken and dumplings which I discovered the simplest recipe over at The Busy Budgeting Mama and my usual beef stew concoction I whip up with a McCormack’s packet for and extra boost of flavor.

Today we have store bought dough thawing from the freezer, like you think I got time to make my own dough.. bahhh!! Maybe but I wouldn’t try it. Planning on making a spooky Halloween themed pizza which I will not refer to Pinterest for.

Project Sane: Beta Phase will be a muttering of SAHM fun while it lasts and one day dreams will come true and it will be forever.