Dare You To Move

One of my favorite quotes comes from Switchfoot’s Dare You To Move “Maybe redemption has stories to tell Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell” the words themselves just speak out to me.  Redemption.  Forgiveness.  Honest human wants, needs, emotions.

I am a believer that music mends broken hearts, it purifies the ugly, it strengthens the weak.  Perhaps when I fell into these lyrics I was in need of exactly what they were trying to emphasis.  I sure have needed to be forgiven some days in my life, especially when I was younger (wilder), redemption was something I knew existed but did not seek out nor accept.   What I want for my children is to not do all the silly foolish things I did but listen to me tell them my stories, accept my faults, and appreciate the outcome of my good choices.  I know that is much to ask of a child, I know that I did not listen to my parents but I hope I can find a way to explain to them later on in life, like many many years later why they should listen.  For now I am going to  hold them close, cuddle them, and keep them innocent as long as I possibly can.  Because there is nothing better than their sheer ignorance of this world and all of its ways.  If only they could stay that way forever…

sometimes; you wake up and all you have is the music. you can’t seem to fall asleep but you know you’ll have that music to be your love- your companion, faithfully, music is devoted and it is yours. it is your mind, your energy, your life line. sometimes; you hear it, the music that is and smile, because it brings that silent tear to your eye that means so much, when everyone else around seems to mean nothing. music
© by me, if you’re going to steal it please give credit where it is due.

I wrote that what feels like a million years ago, what feels like a whole person ago.