Moose Baby 18 Months

18 Months

18 months.  Wow.  Where did the months go?  I feel like I was just holding her in my arms for the very first time yesterday.  I cannot believe how quickly the world spins, sucking time with it.  Each day the hours seem to go by faster and faster.  She will be two before I know it.  Stop it!  I may ball at the thought.  If only we could stop time.  Pause it just for a while because I sure do love this age.  This feisty Toddler my baby has become.

A little blurb about our big one and a half year old Moose*

Weighting in at a solid 27 pounds.  That’a girl! With her little portagee legs aside she’s standing tall at___ and a size 5 shoe!  This girlie has some decent sized stinky piggies. Binkie obsessed and I am OK with it.  I don’t feel the need to take away something that gives her comfort just like her lovey is by her side all of the time.  Except when she goes to Gramsie’s house every day, Gramsie hides those two until she needs them.  What a good Gramsie.  Totally a girly girl, loves to do her pretend makeup, have her nails painted, comb her hair and anyone else’s who is willing to get a quarter of your hair ripped out.  Baby dolls galore!  I am talking right down to having to put the baby to bed before she goes to bed.  Oh and bed that’s something we’re working on.  Before the little Stud Muffin came around she slept a solid night, went down with ease and slept all night long of course she had her nights but mostly all night.  For the past 4-5 months it’s been a challenge.  We’re working on it.  Hopefully I will cave and sleeps train her when we move but for now we are just taking her in our bed.  We need sleep, so does she.  So it is what it is and I don’t mind.  I love snuggling with her!!  Best feeling ever is when she cuddles up with me.  She eats like she is training for strongest man competition.  Beast mode baby.  Beast in another fashion too.. she is sweet as pie then a total terror all in the same breathe.  She will give random kisses and hugs then bash your face with the closest hard object.  Oh toddlers.  As for speaking, well she has got her own language and we love it and are ok with it.  She communicates just fine for her age.  She’s nailed please and thank you so what more could I ask for.  I could ramble on forever what Mother couldn’t about their precious babies.  Happy 18 Months Moose Baby* I couldn’t be more proud of the little girl you’re becoming.  You’re an amazing big sister and the most loving little girl ever.  Stay little my Princess.

I still cannot get over how fast time has gone by.

I love this age!!

Someone remind me of that when I am feeling overcome by her sassy little ways.