Stud Muffin 3 Months Old

Where to begin?  Just a year ago I did not even know I was pregnant.  Now my little guy is three months old.  Time is zipping by.  It is true what they say, your second child when you have them so close does get less of the one on one attention.  Not by choice, just sheer time.  I love our cuddle time thou, and his sweet smell of baby.  I keep saying I am done now, two under two is a lot to handle espcially when you’re a full-time working Mommy.  But I know I will miss this some day an want another.  Shh!  Don’t tell the Hubbs.


Cam is weighting in at 13.08 pounds and stretching out about 2 feet.  He is still working on his acid reflex and gas issues.  We may be changing formula yet again next week at his bi-weekly GI appointment.  He is till gaining weight so that is all I worry about.   Holding his head like a true champ and tummy time is his favorite unless he is having a tummy ache then the only thing he wants is to be held.  Sleeping a solid night, waking twice or so to chug a bubba and back down.  His favorite sleeping position is swaddled, covered from head to toe in soft blankets, he loves to burrow himself.  He is such a little chatter box lately, babbling all day long it is too cute.  Love to watch his eyes light up when he smiles.   Hoping to start him on solids in the next month!  Cannot wait to see how he adjusts to food, if he is anything like his big sister he will be mowing face.  He is trying like heck to roll over, whipping his body to the side and back to his back and again and again until he gives up and goes back to eating his hands.  Oh the drool!!  He must be starting teething.

Stud Muffin

Stud Muffin

Watching TV with Daddy

Watching TV with Daddy

So close!

So close!

Happy Three Months to my handsome baby boy!



What?! You want me to divorce.. my iPhone!!

I came upon this post about divorcing your phone and really gave it a lot of consideration.  One thing I really wanted to do when Téa came into my amazing world was to back off a bit, I still feel utterly naked without my phone to this day, I need to have it, need to feel its warmth.  I am a junkie to this iGeneration garbage for sure.  When my 18-month old can use my Apps better than me, I know that I need to put my phone down she’s a genius.


I make a rule not to bring my phone into her room at bedtime, granted I do still use it while feeding my son, but I mean what am I missing, watching him sleep while he chugs a bubba?  He’s still tiny.  Ok call me selfish. It isn’t often, but middle of the night feeds I need that darn thing to keep my eyes open at the very least. I also make it a rule that there is no phone at the table, now I bring my phone to the table to snap photos of my messy eater and share with family via text but I will mentally slap myself if I need the need to catch up with my lame news feed.  I get so angry when the Hub sits there, bite after bite with his face illuminated by the glow of his iPhone.  I’ve asked him to put it away, down, later, etc. you name it we’ve fought about it but the phone I feel is a loosing battle, he is a techy!  But maybe this will enrich his will a bit.

I will try to be more conscious of my phone usage.  But hey my kids have iPads.. LOL





My word of the Year for 2014 is Balance



Not in the sense of physical weight of two objects but in the sense of inner strength power struggles to do one thing versus another.  Weigh the laundry over playing with Little People princesses for an hour.  Weigh the pile of ketchup over an apple for lunch.  Weigh the tireless nights of snuggling my son over the desperate need for sleep my body is begging for.

Balance my life, for my kids.

We are going to be moving into our first home, I will (emphasis on the will) be able to find harmony with balancing the working Mom, chore tackling House-Wife, loving cuddling playing Mommy, smooching loving Wife.  I will.  Balance.  I will.

The first five days of the New Year were spent home with the Cubs – now that was a thrill.  We sure did balance. 


Day Three

It’s the third day of the year. Here I am home with my Cubs comfy as can be in my jammies covered in everything from baby puke to dried frosting from yesterday’s sugar cookie fun with Téa.

How are you enjoying your third day of the year? We are on day two of being snowed in! Loving this nor’easter it’s allowed for a solid five days home with the babies. Way to tackle the biggest thing we want to accomplish this year – more alone time as a family. Five solid days. High five Mother Nature. I am sure Monday will hit me like a ton of bricks but that’s still two days away. Let’s not worry about the future and appreciate the present.

We spent yesterday morning enjoying fried egg sandwiches for breakfast, baking sugar cookies and playing with the toys Santa brought the other week. The afternoon was fun after nap time we had lunch and decorated our sugar cookies. What a little baker my Moose Baby is.




I started a gravy early morning and let that simmer all day. The house smelt so yummy. We had baths early and an early supper. Watched Despicable Me 2 with a bowl of Jaxx then off to bed we went. Solid day!

Planning on another jammie day with movies, baby giggles, lots of playing and snuggles. Think we will skip the baking today. Mommy is done cleaning dishes. Maybe do a little takeout later and when the Cubs go to bed watch a movie with the Hubs.

A Resolution Revolution

That’s phrase so often heard this time of year — what’s your New Years resolution? Well this year I am revolting this phrase. Who needs to change? I know I won’t eat better, work out more, take up a new hoppy or nix a bad habit. Why set myself up for failure when I know I won’t meet any of those popular goals like shedding 20 pounds or clean eating. Who has time to take up knitting? I’m a full-time working mommy with a toddler and an infant. So surely not me. Ha.

For 2014 I am just going to keep doing what I’m doing. Being the best Mommy to the Cubs I can be. Continuing to raise my kids as I see fit. And so what if my kids eat more than one hot dog a week, hell we polished off 16 of them in the past two weeks! I say high five to that.

2014 is about a new year in our life not about change. For us it’s about enjoying each other. And taking it all one day at a time. Soaking life in. Loving life.

So Happy New Year!! What’s your resolution…?

Twenty-Thirteen Real Quick

Quick back story on 2013.

January came in hard as we moved in the dead of winter into a two-bedroom apartment. We were so happy to give our daughter her own four walls to call her room, granted she was only 6-months old but still a girl needs her own space.

Téa enjoying her room

Téa enjoying her room

I was set to have surgery January 31st – enter the surgical wing at the hospital, routine labs before anesthesia, waiting for them to come hook me up when the nurse tells me I cannot have my surgery today. “Why?!…” I reply. She looks at me, then at Rick who is sitting beside me all nervous like. “You’re pregnant, very pregnant”. Shut the front door (more like a mouth full of explicit words) that is literally impossible, hysterical laughter begins, like we have a 6-month old at home” Well a bit more lab work and a few ultrasounds later, sure as shit I was knocked up (again). So we 86’d that surgery for another year.  And looked forward to welcoming our second child.  Two under two….

February was boring nothing special that I can recall so I probably missed something. March 12th Mom had her last day of radiation, she fought like a girl and won! It was an early glimpse of Spring here so we took Téa to the park for her very first time, it was awesome. She loved it.



April was quiet. We celebrated Easter with our families, she loved to color the Easter Eggs. May, I don’t recall anything significant so I am sure I am missing something.

June I became a Scentsy Independent Consultant, because you know as a full-time working Mommy I needed to take on more (I just need the money). Planned like heck Téa first birthday party – a Minnie Mouse Pool Party at my Aunt’s because you know she is just stellar and opened her home to us to invite friends and family over.

July, crazy to think that July 15th, 2012 I was giving birth to an amazing little baby girl. So blessed. So very blessed. That’s another story for another day. Best first birthday ever! My youngest sister revealed she was having a girl!

Big One Year Old!

Big One Year Old!

August was quiet, September we celebrated Mom being Cancer Free with seafood at the best little spot up the Hampton. And then, October 10th, 2013 at 10:10am Cameron Robert was born 7.9oz 19inches.

Cameron Robert 10.10.13 at 10:10am.

Cameron Robert 10.10.13 at 10:10am.

Our true miracle baby, precious baby boy. He gave us a bit of a heart attack and spent a bit of time in the hospital just after Halloween. I have never been so thankful to God as I was the day we got to leave and get back to our  life and our baby girl at home. He is still taking his sweet time adjusting to being a baby, he will get the hang of it soon.  Right..?

Thanksgiving was fun and exhausting. December was a mad dash of Christmas festivities. Gosh do I love Christmas, but life was so hectic I don’t even know where the time went. We did the cute Elf on the Shelf shenanigans, last minute shopping and wrapping all to see the kids faces light up one cold winter morning. I do love this time of the year.

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

Oh and we kinda-sorta bought a house, but I don’t want to jinx anything!!

Love.  Life.  Laughter.

All of this and more make us, each day.  Each day is a gift, we are beyond blessed.