Stud Muffin 3 Months Old

Where to begin?  Just a year ago I did not even know I was pregnant.  Now my little guy is three months old.  Time is zipping by.  It is true what they say, your second child when you have them so close does get less of the one on one attention.  Not by choice, just sheer time.  I love our cuddle time thou, and his sweet smell of baby.  I keep saying I am done now, two under two is a lot to handle espcially when you’re a full-time working Mommy.  But I know I will miss this some day an want another.  Shh!  Don’t tell the Hubbs.


Cam is weighting in at 13.08 pounds and stretching out about 2 feet.  He is still working on his acid reflex and gas issues.  We may be changing formula yet again next week at his bi-weekly GI appointment.  He is till gaining weight so that is all I worry about.   Holding his head like a true champ and tummy time is his favorite unless he is having a tummy ache then the only thing he wants is to be held.  Sleeping a solid night, waking twice or so to chug a bubba and back down.  His favorite sleeping position is swaddled, covered from head to toe in soft blankets, he loves to burrow himself.  He is such a little chatter box lately, babbling all day long it is too cute.  Love to watch his eyes light up when he smiles.   Hoping to start him on solids in the next month!  Cannot wait to see how he adjusts to food, if he is anything like his big sister he will be mowing face.  He is trying like heck to roll over, whipping his body to the side and back to his back and again and again until he gives up and goes back to eating his hands.  Oh the drool!!  He must be starting teething.

Stud Muffin

Stud Muffin

Watching TV with Daddy

Watching TV with Daddy

So close!

So close!

Happy Three Months to my handsome baby boy!



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