What?! You want me to divorce.. my iPhone!!

I came upon this post about divorcing your phone and really gave it a lot of consideration.  One thing I really wanted to do when Téa came into my amazing world was to back off a bit, I still feel utterly naked without my phone to this day, I need to have it, need to feel its warmth.  I am a junkie to this iGeneration garbage for sure.  When my 18-month old can use my Apps better than me, I know that I need to put my phone down she’s a genius.


I make a rule not to bring my phone into her room at bedtime, granted I do still use it while feeding my son, but I mean what am I missing, watching him sleep while he chugs a bubba?  He’s still tiny.  Ok call me selfish. It isn’t often, but middle of the night feeds I need that darn thing to keep my eyes open at the very least. I also make it a rule that there is no phone at the table, now I bring my phone to the table to snap photos of my messy eater and share with family via text but I will mentally slap myself if I need the need to catch up with my lame news feed.  I get so angry when the Hub sits there, bite after bite with his face illuminated by the glow of his iPhone.  I’ve asked him to put it away, down, later, etc. you name it we’ve fought about it but the phone I feel is a loosing battle, he is a techy!  But maybe this will enrich his will a bit.

I will try to be more conscious of my phone usage.  But hey my kids have iPads.. LOL




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