My word of the Year for 2014 is Balance



Not in the sense of physical weight of two objects but in the sense of inner strength power struggles to do one thing versus another.  Weigh the laundry over playing with Little People princesses for an hour.  Weigh the pile of ketchup over an apple for lunch.  Weigh the tireless nights of snuggling my son over the desperate need for sleep my body is begging for.

Balance my life, for my kids.

We are going to be moving into our first home, I will (emphasis on the will) be able to find harmony with balancing the working Mom, chore tackling House-Wife, loving cuddling playing Mommy, smooching loving Wife.  I will.  Balance.  I will.

The first five days of the New Year were spent home with the Cubs – now that was a thrill.  We sure did balance. 



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