Day Three

It’s the third day of the year. Here I am home with my Cubs comfy as can be in my jammies covered in everything from baby puke to dried frosting from yesterday’s sugar cookie fun with Téa.

How are you enjoying your third day of the year? We are on day two of being snowed in! Loving this nor’easter it’s allowed for a solid five days home with the babies. Way to tackle the biggest thing we want to accomplish this year – more alone time as a family. Five solid days. High five Mother Nature. I am sure Monday will hit me like a ton of bricks but that’s still two days away. Let’s not worry about the future and appreciate the present.

We spent yesterday morning enjoying fried egg sandwiches for breakfast, baking sugar cookies and playing with the toys Santa brought the other week. The afternoon was fun after nap time we had lunch and decorated our sugar cookies. What a little baker my Moose Baby is.




I started a gravy early morning and let that simmer all day. The house smelt so yummy. We had baths early and an early supper. Watched Despicable Me 2 with a bowl of Jaxx then off to bed we went. Solid day!

Planning on another jammie day with movies, baby giggles, lots of playing and snuggles. Think we will skip the baking today. Mommy is done cleaning dishes. Maybe do a little takeout later and when the Cubs go to bed watch a movie with the Hubs.


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