A Resolution Revolution

That’s phrase so often heard this time of year — what’s your New Years resolution? Well this year I am revolting this phrase. Who needs to change? I know I won’t eat better, work out more, take up a new hoppy or nix a bad habit. Why set myself up for failure when I know I won’t meet any of those popular goals like shedding 20 pounds or clean eating. Who has time to take up knitting? I’m a full-time working mommy with a toddler and an infant. So surely not me. Ha.

For 2014 I am just going to keep doing what I’m doing. Being the best Mommy to the Cubs I can be. Continuing to raise my kids as I see fit. And so what if my kids eat more than one hot dog a week, hell we polished off 16 of them in the past two weeks! I say high five to that.

2014 is about a new year in our life not about change. For us it’s about enjoying each other. And taking it all one day at a time. Soaking life in. Loving life.

So Happy New Year!! What’s your resolution…?


One thought on “A Resolution Revolution

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